Paladin’s Redemption got its first review recently and for that I am most grateful. I’m humbled that someone felt strongly enough about it to offer up their comments.

This is my first release and these last few days letting it fly are both horribly nerve-racking and exhilarating. Seeing a great review, along with a few sales, really fuels the creative process. It makes it easy to work on the next installment.

The book has done well so far and that’s purely a function of you, the readers.

Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Antara says:

    Hi Kade,
    congratulations about your success with Paladin’s Redemption and being a bestseller! I am an indie author myself and I published a few works but i found it very hard to be visible in Amazon and I desperately search for ways how to sell more and gain some traction. That’s why I want to ask you do you have a system, how do you promote your books? Whatever you think it’s relevant, feel free to tell me.

    • Kade Derricks says:

      Thanks for the comment Antara. Sorry it took awhile to respond. The day job and working on the prequel keeps me hopping.

      No system I’m afraid. I did use Kindle unlimited, purely as a way to gain readers and garner reviews. My thought when publishing was that it would take years to gain traction and having a base of readers in KU would push the book along. I did farm out the cover and paid for editing to provide as polished a product as I could. It’s still not perfect, but far improved from the early versions. I haven’t done any promotion at all. Unless you have reviews and sales already these seem pretty exclusive. I have heard others having success with Fiverr and a few others. I was very fortunate in getting a good review early on and I think that, more than anything, boosted me along. If you haven’t read Lindsay Buroker’s blog I recommend it. There’s a lot of really good information there on what she’s done.

      Good luck in your efforts.

  2. alex says:

    great book!it’s a really good read.but i say make the prequel longer.your hero character is great.just from the hints of his background you already have another great book.just switch the order make the first book the second.anyway just my thoughts looking forward to reading the prequel.

    • Kade Derricks says:

      Thanks Alex. The prequel stands at about 31K words or 124 pages. It concerns Dain’s time in the Tyber River War. It doesn’t include the original story of why he was exiled, but that’s going to be revealed in book 3.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Robert White says:

    Hi, I just finished your book and enjoined it a lot.
    Not a brighter so getting lost in your world is a satisfaction. Thanks and keep up the writing . I’ll keep reading.

  4. David Moffat says:

    My compliments sir on a well written novel. I search out authors that write series as I tend to enjoy books that keep the same charactors. David Weber, John Ringo and WEB Griffen are a few that I follow throughout the storie arcs. I can now add the name Kade Derricks to this list of authors I eagerly await a new book from.

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