Paladin’s Redemption got its first review recently and for that I am most grateful. I’m humbled that someone felt strongly enough about it to offer up their comments.

This is my first release and these last few days letting it fly are both horribly nerve-racking and exhilarating. Seeing a great review, along with a few sales, really fuels the creative process. It makes it easy to work on the next installment.

The book has done well so far and that’s purely a function of you, the readers.

Thank you.

Here we are.

So here we are. The book Paladin’s Redemption is done and available in Amazon. You can purchase it here.

Odds are though that if you’re here it’s because you’ve already purchased it, and in that case I say thank you. I am grateful for each and every sale or click or borrow. It’s been a ride. I’ve changed jobs twice since the book began and moved each time. More than most I understand that the economy isn’t great, that money is tight, and I’m grateful you’ve spent some of that hard-earned money on my work. I believe a great book is one you can get lost in, one that takes you away from life for a few hours and puts you in a new world. I hope I’ve delivered.

The Kingdom’s Forge is about the birth and rise of a kingdom. As most of you know in order to build you often have to destroy, and that in a nutshell is what Paladin’s Redemption is about.