Delays, Damned Delays, and Heat Waves

As of now the prequel is delayed and my phenomenal editor has it. Not her fault. I delivered it to her late and she already had another project off and running. When it’s back in my hands I’ll go through it once more and then on to formatting and cover design.

On Redemption I erred and spent to much time on the manuscript after getting it back from editing. This led to several spelling and grammar mistakes. Maybe it was a first book thing.

*Note to self. The editor is always right…well almost always.

In summary, I’m now hoping for a mid-August release. While waiting on the process I’ve started typing up the follow-up on Jin, Sera, and Dain’s exploits. It will be of similar length to Redemption in the 300 page range. No promises on release timing yet. The day job is keeping me at 60 to 70 hours per week, I’m salaried of course, and high temps and humidity sap away the will to do much more than sneak in a few words in the short evenings.