Mailing List

Sometime back I added a mailing list function to this site. It’s brief, asking only for email address, and originally, I had grand plans of a newsletter. Truth-be-told I don’t have much to say though. Certainly nothing entertaining or interesting. I prefer to let the characters do the talking. They have much more interesting lives than I could ever hope live. If you’re here it’s for them, not me.

So why is the mailing list there then?

In this age of twitter, facebook, email, texts and what all it’s easy to lose track of things. To help readers out I’ve added the list as a way to notify you of upcoming releases. If you’ve given me your email I swear it will be treated as a trust. I will never sell this list to any outside agency or offer it to anyone for any reason. God knows I get enough spam in my own email and in the comments on this site. And I refuse to add to it.





2015 is looking like a great year for movies. It will be tough to top 2014 though. We had Godzilla, X-men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers, and the last part of the Hobbit trilogy. SciFi/Fantasy should have a good year in particular.

Here are some that I’m looking forward to:

Jurassic world–Not a huge Jurassic park fan, but Chris Pratt won me over as Star-lord.

Fast and the furious 7–Not my genre but smashing cars with Vin Diesel is always cool.

Mad Max–The original badass.

Avengers 2–I hope these marvel movies don’t get too busy with characters. At some point there’s just too many men in tights running around.

Star Wars–Trying to contain myself waiting for this one. And praying it’s great.

Magic Systems

A lot of fantasy works these days seem to focus on magic systems and how their magic works. There’s a thousand names for it (one power, force, soulcasting, weaving) and I’m sure you’ve seen it all. Hat’s off to those writers. I have nothing but respect for anyone who can invent their own system and implement it in a believable way into their writing.


But that’s not my thing.


With Dain’s world I’m less interested in magic and more interested in the characters and their story. I think there’s always an interest in people. People are universal. People struggle, they despair, they work, they overcome. Whether it’s biography, thriller, or scifi I think there’s a desire to hear their stories.

The path ahead.

When I started the Kingdom’s Forge series, I originally envisioned a 5 to 6 part story arc. But I’ve run into a bit of a problem. Dain’s backstory. I started to wonder about it. What exactly happened along the Tyber River? Who is Bix and what did she mean to him? And what about the great burning city?


In that vein the next release is tentatively scheduled for late-spring. Its going to be a prequel to Redemption. Two of the questions above will be answered. The burning city will have to wait. The next installment feels shorter (120 pages or less) and so I’ll be pricing it at $0.99. I too hate paying a 3 or 4 dollars and discovering the book is only 90 pages. So far I’m having a blast writing it although I fear the ending is going to be tough to nail.