Days fly by

Been awhile since posting. Long hours at the day job, unbelievably long, but there’s a bit of news to share.

Redemption is being converted into an audiobook as we speak and the prequel is down to a few weeks of editing/formatting/cover design. It’s going to be around 130 pages and feature Dain’s time fighting as a mercenary in the Tyber River war. This occurs just before the events of Redemption. Since the work’s shorter I’ll be pricing it at .99 and it will be available to borrow for those of you on Kindle Unlimited.

I’m scrambling to beat a July 1 release date. I’ll get a post up here the night of the release, but if you’d like an email signup for my mailing list on the upper right. As mentioned I don’t do spam so the only time you’ll get an email is just ahead of new releases.

For those eager to learn about Jin, Sera, and Razel, I’ve written the draft of the first few chapters of the follow-up and once the prequel is done it’s full steam on that story.

As of this post Redemption is up to 105 reviews on Amazon, mostly very positive, and I would like to thank the readers. There are days when it’s difficult to get to the keyboard and your support make all the difference.