Magic Systems

A lot of fantasy works these days seem to focus on magic systems and how their magic works. There’s a thousand names for it (one power, force, soulcasting, weaving) and I’m sure you’ve seen it all. Hat’s off to those writers. I have nothing but respect for anyone who can invent their own system and implement it in a believable way into their writing.


But that’s not my thing.


With Dain’s world I’m less interested in magic and more interested in the characters and their story. I think there’s always an interest in people. People are universal. People struggle, they despair, they work, they overcome. Whether it’s biography, thriller, or scifi I think there’s a desire to hear their stories.

4 thoughts on “Magic Systems

  1. Joe says:

    I agree, characters are what make the story interesting and pull the reader along. Thinking back about the original Star Trek TV show, It was great characters like Mr. Spock that made that show great. I can’t remember one storyline from the show. But I remember quite a few things about Spock. Live long and proper, half human and half Volcan, stronger than a human, no emotions. Geez… I didn’t realize how much I remembered. And I’m NOT a Treki.

    Nice easy to see e-mail sign-up form. 😉

    • Kade Derricks says:

      Star Trek is a great example. When people say Star Trek what springs to mind? Lines. Lines and the characters behind them.
      Here are a few of the classics.

      “These are the voyages of the starship enterprise.”
      “He’s dead Jim.”
      “You will be assimilated.”
      “Make it so.”
      And of course, “Live long and prosper.”

  2. marc says:

    Just finished your book.loved it! Really good read

    • Kade Derricks says:

      Marc, thanks for taking the time to post. It was a tremendous effort to write and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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